When you are no longer ‘allured’….

Hello lovelies! Happy Saturday!! 😃 This message is pretty self explanatory. We are often bogged down by feelings of guilt & shame for feeling things that we shouldn’t be or aren’t meant to because we fear it is against our morals or what is known as ‘right’ or ‘wrong’.

How can you no longer want to pursue something that you’ve worked so hard towards?..How can you not feel something towards what you spent so much time with/on? Again we are not meant to be feeling a particular way towards anything to begin with..And if we do there’s no guarantee we’ll feel the same ALL the time.

Like everything in life, feelings & dreams are transient too. What is not is our determination to keep working on something when that drive fades! Should you find yourself in that dilemma where you no longer feel that determination, it’s time to give yourself that reality check & accept the art of letting go. You are no longer feeling the same way because what you were pursuing is simply no longer serving you.

You may have a sudden breakthrough or a change of heart because you either don’t feel that connectedness or the ‘allure’ you once felt. In these moments accepting that it’s OKAY to let go is the best thing one can do! Because believe it or not, something better is in store for you waiting to catch your attention 😊 Just have faith in the divine & believe everything is happening as it should for your own betterment!

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