Welcome to Girl Talk! :)

Hello my Lovebees!  Welcome to my Girl Talk category 🙂

This is where I want all the fun to be! I specially made this category for interaction between us and to discuss all the nonsensical things we can think of! So please do feel free to leave suggestions on what areas and topics I should cover. However, I do have one request. Can we please refrain from making any personal remarks on here.  I have made this category with pure intentions to exchange pleasantries and knowledge between us, and definitely not to cause any offence so I would like to kindly urge everyone to please be nice 🙂 If I happen to offend any of my readers as well I apologise in advance and will certainly try to make amends.

For the same reasons I will not be posting any subjects related to religion or politics. These two areas are sensitive and can be blown out of proportion, so considering the sensitivity of these matters I will not be posting about those subjects. Apart from that I hope that this category will be our little open discussion area where we can get to know each other’s views and stories.

I have not yet thought of what topic my next post will be about but I will certainly try my best to make it an inspiring and a fun read!  Thank you for taking the time to read my first post on here and please do stay in tune for my upcoming posts!! Muahhhh

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