Welcome to Fashion! :)

Hello, my Lovebees!  Welcome to my Fashion category 🙂

This is my first post on here since I started this blog! Honestly I love fashion and I can go for hours on end flipping through magazines staring in amazement at pictures of models on the ramp and all the wonderful clothing, but in the real sense I’m a simpleton. My style is quite simple, more on the formal side. I very seldom experiment and like 90 % of the population I’m very conscious about my body image. So most of the time what I choose to wear is based on my frame of mind and the weighing scale!

Of course, that shouldn’t stop me from unleashing the fashionista in me! 😉 So this section is going to be all creative and full of beautiful clothing, accessories and jewelry that I feel inspired to share. Also being Indian, I’m quite lucky that we have an array of traditional attires such as saree’s, lehenga choli, salwar kameez, etc . Hence, featuring a fresh mix of east and west won’t be a hard task either. Please feel free to email me and suggest new exciting pieces that you find should be featured on here 🙂

I hope whatever I post in this category will be a useful guide for your wardrobe and collectively we can all feel more fashionable and chic! 🙂

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