Daisy dream by Marc Jacobs!

Daisy dream


Hello lovelies! Fragrance alert! Those whom have tried Marc Jacobs perfumes will know about this one for sure! Daisy Dream happens to be one of the best sellers from the Marc Jacobs range. I absolutely love the fresh fruity-floral scent that this baby has! Reminds me of bouquets of fresh flowers during spring! 💐 If you love fruity floral scents then you will love this one! Marc Jacob perfumes also have the cutest packaging. I mean just look at the bottle! Isn’t it adorable? P.S. I actually bought it specially for that cutesie bottle 🙈😊

A walk in spring!
A walk in spring!

I tend to reach out for this one when I want to go for a brunch with my girls or I need some positive uplift for a meeting or interview. It just keeps me in a peppy frame of mind if that makes sense! It’s a very playful, young and fresh. So if you’re not into that sort of smells then you probably won’t like it too much. However, women of the younger generation will definitely like it!

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