Smokey look using Zoeva’s Cocoa blend eyeshadow palette!


Hello loves!

I achieved this makeup look using the Cocoablend palette by Zoeva. I was really looking forward to trying out this palette and I’m glad I finally got the chance.

This palette is very beautiful and the shades are so pigmented and velvety. blending was a dream with this palette so if you are planning to buy it then please go ahead, you will not be disappointed 🙂





Foundation: Urban Decay cosmetics All nighters foundation 5.0. Setting powder: Soap and glory Kickass powder. Bake under the eyes, forehead & bridge of nose with Nars Crystal translucent powder. Powder contour: Hoola by Benefit cosmetics. Bronzed skin with Natural collection cosmetics in the shade Suntint bronzer. Blusher: Rockateur by Benefit cosmetics.


Cocoa blend palette by Zoeva cosmetics. Above crease: shade ‘substitute for love’ mixed with ‘Bitter start’. Darken crease with ‘Freshly toasted’ mixed and  ‘Substitute for love’. Darken lids with shade ‘Beans are white’. Blend crease and outer & inner corners with ‘Substitute for love’ to soften the darkness. Lighten brow bone with ‘Bitter start’.


Huda beauty lip contour & matte liquid lipstick in ‘Bombshell’.


‘Samantha’ by Huda beauty.


Anastasia beverly hills Brow wiz dark brown.


Pure hazel by Bausch and Lomb.




Hope you like it! Please let me know if you have any suggestions for future looks! 🙂

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In the pursuit of perfection..

Hello lovelies! Happy Thursday 😊

Hope everyone’s having a nice day so far. We are constantly trying to perfect ourselves in the pursuit of making everything perfect. But in the process we lose so much valuable time. Seize the moment and just do what you have to do. Don’t let those nagging & doubtful thoughts take over and ruin your momentum. Just go for it!

A step towards progress is far enriching than a step towards perfection 😊


FullSizeRender 146

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Great Gatsby inspired makeup


Hello loves!

This look was inspired by the movie The Great Gatsby (which is a great movie by the way!). I just really love the 20’s era and the whole allure of that generation. Some see those times as turbulent and unstable and I do agree to some extent. We have come a long way since then but speaking purely from beauty and makeup perspective I feel the 20’s were so mysterious and hauntingly beautiful!



For this look I used the Tarte Amazonian Clay matte palette for the eyes and the Zoeva Cocoablend palette to darken the edges.





Makeup forever official HD foundation Y127 mixed with Urban decay cosmetics All nighter foundation 5.0. Cream highlight: Maybelline Age rewind concealer in light. Setting powder: Soap and glory Kickass. Bake under eyes and cheekbones with Laura mercier translucent powder. Contour: Nyx cosmetics contour palette. Use shade ‘sculpt’  and ‘toffee’ on the higher edges. Blush: Benefit cosmetics Dandelion.


Tarte cosmetics Tartelette Amazonian clay matte palette. Use shade ‘natural beauty’ in the crease. Use ‘supermom’ and ‘wanderer’ all over lids. Darken outer V with ‘force of nature’ and ‘multitasker’. Use ‘substitute for love’ from the Zoeva cosmetics Cocoa blend palette to add warmth to crease. Lighten brow bone with ‘supermom’.


Anastasia beverly hills Brow wiz in medium brown.


Huda beauty Samantha.


Essence cosmetics ‘Femme fatale’ lip liner filled with Mac cosmetics lipstick ‘Ruby woo’.


L’oreal cosmetics black gel liner



I hope you guys like this look! If you have suggestions for future looks please do not hesitate to recommend 🙂


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My own very real GHOST story!!!

I was probably 13 when I encountered this mysterious being. I was studying for my elementary tests at night. I have a habit of cramming text book notes and I was busy memorising science facts and constantly looking up and down from my book. At one point I look up and notice a hazy look entity in the corner of my room. Discarding it as a fragment of my imagination I continue studying. I look up again and realise the entity is actually real and still standing there looking at me straight in the eye!! I saw it was an old man with a scar across his face and he was watching me. There was no expression on his face! I could see through him, I could see the wall behind him. I freaked out and jumped out my bed where I was studying and ran into my moms room. Gasping for air,  I told my mom in the middle of the night that I saw something very weird in my room. Obviously she got concerned and came to check and found no one there. I did not want to go to school the next day…or leave home or go anywhere where my mom wasn’t with me. Relatives and neighbours thought I was making up stories because I didn’t want to go to school and I suspect some of them even questioned my mental wellbeing but what I saw was very real!

I refused to go to school and within a week I fell ill with severe fever. I was bed ridden for 2 weeks which was worrying for my family. After that I fell ill with
Typhoid for another few weeks. My life was bound to hospital visits and a bed. My health had rapidly deteriorated out of nowhere. Those who didn’t believe me started to acknowledge that I just may have seen something unusual. It’s sad how people don’t believe you until something unfortunate happens…sigh.

I did recover finally and I did resume going back to school but it was really awkward at first. I was constantly afraid of when I’ll see him again. Thankfully he didn’t make an appearance again after that night and I carried on living my life normally. I had stopped using my room and 6 months had passed. Eventually I did finally manage to step inside my room again! I was scared yet determined to do it. I didn’t want to be scared anymore. It took me 6 months but I overcame the fear!

It’s been over 8 years since we moved home but that awful ghost experience is forever etched in my mind!!



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Glowing with Becca cosmetic’s Champagne face palette!


Hello lovelies!

This look is dedicated to my favourite Champagne face palette by Jaclyn hill and Becca cosmetics. That’s mostly what I’ve used here. Absolutely love how it came out! Perfect for that enchanting summer glow with a pop of gold on the eyes ✨

I thoroughly enjoyed using this palette because the glow you get with this palette is just ethereal. I looked like a walking talking golden mermaid! The highlighter is really pigmented and smooth and I find it is very long lasting as well. I applied my makeup at 1pm in the afternoon and I took it off at 7pm which really isn’t bad if you come think of it’s staying power.



Makeup deets:

Face: Armani Beauty Luminous silk foundation 6.0 mixed with Urban decay cosmetics All nighters foundation 5.0.  Bronzer: Natural collection cosmetics bronzer in ‘sun tint’. Cheeks: Used the shade ‘amaretto’ to contour and ‘champagne pop’ and ‘prosecco pop’ to highlight from the face palette. Used ‘opal’ on the highest points & inner tear ducts.


Crease: ‘pamplemousse’ and ‘amaretto’. Lids: ‘champagne pop’ all over and dab ‘prosecco pop’ in the centre.


Soap and glory Marvelips dabbed with ‘pamplemousse’.


Huda beauty ‘samantha’.


Nyx cosmetics Eyebrow kit.

champagne face palette


Hope you all liked it! If you have suggestions for any make up looks please don’t hesitate to leave comments 💕

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My hair loss story and tips that can help!


Hello lovelies!

How many of you ladies have jumped at the sight of an awkwardly shocking glob of murky soapy hair that’s blocking your shower drain while you happily finish your daily showering business? Probably all of us at some point in our lives!
I have been there way too many times to even remember now. My scalp usually goes through a period of shedding hair every year…and it’s definitely not a happy time!
Every year I’m miserable around summer. (That’s when the most shedding happens). Every summer I spend most of my days indoors so I don’t have to wash my hair and see loads of hair staring at me in the drain making me feel like I’m suffering from some life threatening disease that I’m yet to discover!

Saying all this I have come to accept that this is a process that happens to some more frequently than others and it’s quite a natural one and there’s nothing to be scared about it.

Yes yes, I know it all sounds nice and normal but no one prepares you for the emotional effect it has on you while you’re body is doing its whacky thing.

For women all over the world, hair is one of the most celebrated features of beauty. To have thick, healthy hair is like being born with a lucky star. So when you see yourself losing something that’s revered everywhere in all cultures and communities, it’s literally quite heartbreaking!

So let’s face it, the longer your hair, the more hair you’ll see, and the worse you will feel when you lose it. I have pretty long hair (almost upto my elbows) so you can imagine how crazy I was going! It would take absolute ages for my hair to grow that length so when I was seeing all this hair saying goodbye to their home I was bound to feel pretty worried.

To put my mind at ease and half heartedly expecting to hear that I’m gonna die soon I went to see a dermatologist for my excessive hair loss. I was taken to a room where photos that were digitally magnified probably a thousand times were taken and I was asked questions about whether I understood my hair and really knew the difference between broken and ‘falling’ hair. (Rolling eyes). I have pretty healthy hair otherwise, meaning they aren’t chemically treated or dry so there wasn’t much breakage. It was all coming out from the source. Read roots.

I was told that it is very common to undergo severe hair loss after a traumatic experience, accident or an illness. I had gone through tremendous stress a few months prior to my hair fall dilemma so it made complete sense to the doctor as to why I was facing this condition. Basically in a nutshell your hair will leave you after you stress a lot. Not right away but it will leave you. It will get all angry at you because you stressed so much that it had to eventually leave you.

Most pregnant women will also face hair loss during or after their pregnancy. Usually the surge in hormones helps facilitate hair growth and once the baby is delivered the hormones balance out and one of the repercussion of that is that you lose hair. Sadly.

One big lesson I have learnt. DONT STRESS. For the sake of vanity and your hair, do not stress. Our scalp really despises it. Secondly, give it nourishment. Oil massages and hot oil treatments are imperative for strong healthy hair. Massages promote blood circulation which is key for rapid new hair growth. But the most important thing; eat your proteins and happy hair foods like eggs, fish, bananas, nuts, legumes etc consistently.

Another thing the doctor told me was that do not wait for your scalp or hair to get dirty before you wash it. Regular washing keeps your scalp clean which is important for new hair growth. Wash your hair with tepid water.

Ladies, I hope this will help you and make you feel less anxious about what you are going through. Trust me, I know the feeling very well and I know how heart wrenching it can be. But the good thing is that it does stop and it does get better!

Remember the hair that you are losing now was suppose to leave your scalp at some point. Unfortunately when and how much hair we lose is something we cannot always control. But there is hope and it does stop and it does get back to normal 😊

Hair care tips that worked for me:

1. I started taking Biotin supplements regularly to encourage new ‘stronger’ hair growth.
2. I also incorporated MSM (Methyl-Sulfonyl-Methane) an organic sulphur compound which is usually found in meat, dairy and some vegetables in powder form by taking a teaspoon everyday in a glass of water or mixing it with my shampoo. Hair is made up of a protein called keratin which is high in sulphur content. As we age the ‘anagen’ phase of the hair reduces. Anagen phase is when the hair is at its strongest and healthiest. With ageing our hair becomes thin and brittle. That is due to lack of collagen and sulphur in our bodies. Supplementing sulphur will ensure thick strong hair growth like before.
3. I switched to natural organic shampoo and skipped on the conditioning during this period.
4. I did scalp acupressure which is pressing on certain points on your scalp to release tension and increase blood circulation.




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