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The Beauty Blender

What can I say about the Beauty Blender? It has successfully built a cult following in every part of the world. It is not just a regular beauty sponge, it is a miracle tool for beauty gurus! For me the Beauty Blender had been a complete makeup game changer. I have hardly touched my brushes since I fell in love with it and I can safely say this love is here to stay!

After the launch of the Beauty Blender many companies came out with their own versions. Think Real Techniques complexion sponge and many other generic brands. But the Beauty Blender has still remained a firm favourite of millions of women.

I found out about the Beauty Blender via numerous beauty bloggers and youtubers and almost everyone had great things to say about it! When I finally managed to try it, I was really really excited about the results! How could a wet sponge make me look so flawless and airbrushed?! But yes that was the miracle of the Beauty Blender. The airbrushed effect is due to the way the sponge has been made. The open cell structure (bubbles) in the sponge are super tiny mimicking the scales of real skin so it deposits the product on the skin seamlessly. The sponge can be used wet or dry for both powders and foundations. I use it wet for foundation and powder. The shape of the beauty blender is dome/egg shape. The pointed part is perfect for applying concealers and powder in the under eye area and the rounded part is ideal for the rest of the face.

The only con about this item is that you have to go through the hassle of running it under the water and wringing it. So it is always handy to carry your foundation brush with you in case there’s no way to dampen the sponge.

If you live in India like me and you apply your makeup in a room with your ceiling fan on, then mind you your sponge is going to dry up in a jiffy, possibly even before your foundation is fully applied! So to avoid that don’t wring out the water completely.

The Beauty Blender comes in 4 different forms. Original, Pure, Pro, and Micromini. They are all more or less the same except that the Pro sponge can be used for body makeup and tanning. As a beginner it is best to start with the original Beauty Blender and get the hang of it.

So girls if you want to try something different other than a brush,  start with this sponge. And to women who still use their fingers to apply their foundation, this will be a good addition to your makeup routine.

As this tool is a sponge it is imperative to clean it thoroughly before applying your foundation every time. You will be using it on your face hence it is important to start clean. I usually wash it with an anti bacterial face wash till I see the water running clear and leave it to air dry on a clean napkin.

Please note. You will see the sponges colour running under water every time you wash it while it’s new. That’s quite normal. Mine is a couple of years old so no longer transfers colour.

The Beauty Blender is available online via their website for $20 in the US and £16 in the UK. It is easily available online on Amazon and eBay worldwide. In India it is available online for around Rs. 2,200 on

(Please be aware, due to its high demand there are a lot of dupes, so it is best to check the source before making your purchase)


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