Stay tuned. Beauty Series coming: My absolute favourites!

Hello my Lovebees!

I’m going to be starting a series of posts on products that I love! These products are my holy grail products. I mean seriously, all the stuff I will be posting about is uhm-aaa-zing!! I am one of those girls who is always skeptical about high-end products because I really don’t like spending a lot of money when I don’t need to.

But I’m ALSO one of those girls who can’t help getting swayed by beautiful mesmerising ads and posters when it’s calling my name every time I go to a mall! Yes, I can be a gullible lamb… and I feel each and every one of you girls who gets all excited once you buy the ‘ I-just-have-to-get-that’ product but then wants to go return it the very next day because it’s ‘not all that’… don’t worry, I do the same thing sometimes! 😛

So I’m going to dedicate this entire series to my absolute favourites and highly recommended must haves. This post is going to be all about my holy grail babies! Happy reading lovebees! 🙂 Muah!

Please Note. Some of the brands and products I will be posting about are not available in India. I have purchased them whilst on holidays abroad or they have been bought for me via friends and family.

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Review: Anastasia Beverly Hills Perfect Brow Pencil


Anastasia Beverly Hills Perfect Brow Pencil.

Makeup addicts like myself will know that brows can make or break your look! I mean seriously it can. You can have the most flawless face but uneven or badly done brows can totally kill your overall look. Hence, my quest for the perfect brow pencil started a loong loong time ago while I was still in my teens and finally last year my journey ended at Beverly Hills! Anastasia from Beverly Hills is the queen of brows. This woman has built an empire by just grooming women’s eyebrows!! So it just goes to show how important eyebrows are for our facial structure. I use the ABH Perfect Eyebrow Pencil in the shade Dark Brown. It is the perfect shade for anyone with dark brown to black hair. Personally, I have never been a fan of jet black eyebrows. I have black hair but I always go for a shade lighter because I like the ombre dark to light effect but until I came across the ABH’s Dark Brown, none of the browns were really working for me. So I’m really glad I found this one! The texture of this pencil is of a regular pencil. Think Mac Lipliner. Glides on effortlessly and dries to a powder finish. Which is awesome because if you are planning to take pictures, you won’t have shiny eyebrows glaring back at you in photos! Especially in flash photography. The spooley at the end of the pencil is the game changer! It has made eyebrow grooming a total breeze for me. I just fill in the brows with short strokes along my natural brow line and spread it with the spooley. That’s it, simple! I have somewhat full eyebrows to begin with, only minor gaps here and there so I don’t really use this pencil to change the shape but if you were looking to do that then this pencil would still do the job.


ABH Perfect Brow pencil is mostly available in the US via the Anastasia Beverly Hills  website or Sephora. It is also available in Sephora worldwide. In the UK it is available via It sells for $23 in the US and £18 in the UK. Sadly it is not available in India just yet.


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Welcome to Fragrance! :)

Hello Lovebees! Welcome to my Fragrance category 🙂

I have been a massive fan of fragrances since I was a little girl. My earliest memory of perfumes were the ones on my mother’s vanity. One of the perfumes on her table was Cacharel’s Anais Anais which was the very first perfume I ever came to know. I must have been 5 years old then but I still remember the fragrance distinctively. That’s the magic of perfumes, once they touch your senses they never leave you!  However, it wasn’t until my early teens that I actually started using scents. And all of that began with the Charlie hype from Revlon. Thanks to Cindy Crawford! 😉

Charlie and Fire & Ice were my two very first perfumes. From there on a full blown love affair with fragrances began. After that perfumes as birthday gifts became a regular theme, treating myself to perfumes as gifts also became second nature. That is probably the common theme in every woman’s life and I have a feeling perfumes may just be the most gifted items in the word!

Over the years I have collected, tried and tested lots of perfumes. The good, bad and the don’t-even-bother kinds. Actually saying that fragrances are a very personal thing so I apologise for that bold statement above, there’s really no bad or ugly in this area. Everyone looks for different qualities and attributes while choosing a perfume. What may appeal to me may not appeal to someone else. Perfumes have so much variety though which makes picking one out so much fun!!…Or complete nightmare if you have to pick one for someone you don’t know.

There is a fragrance for every occasion; work, socialising, friends, love, attraction, fun, summer, winter, spring, you name it!

I am usually not fussy about perfumes as long as they smell nice and can I see myself wearing it again. However, I have noticed that I have started leaning more towards the long lasting woody and spicy category over the years.

I will be posting my reviews on each and every perfume I currently own. I will categorise them with 2 stars, 3 stars and finally 5 stars; which will be the best ones I own. They will have no particular order so you may just see the heading of the post as ,’Review: Name of perfume. 3 Stars’ followed by my thoughts on them. Once again all my reviews on fragrances will be based on my personal opinion and I completely acknowledge that everyone has their own preference so please kindly just take these posts more as a reference guide than anything else 🙂

So there it is my Lovebees! Please stay in tune for the upcoming fragrance posts!! 🙂 Muahhh

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Welcome to Fashion! :)

Hello, my Lovebees!  Welcome to my Fashion category 🙂

This is my first post on here since I started this blog! Honestly I love fashion and I can go for hours on end flipping through magazines staring in amazement at pictures of models on the ramp and all the wonderful clothing, but in the real sense I’m a simpleton. My style is quite simple, more on the formal side. I very seldom experiment and like 90 % of the population I’m very conscious about my body image. So most of the time what I choose to wear is based on my frame of mind and the weighing scale!

Of course, that shouldn’t stop me from unleashing the fashionista in me! 😉 So this section is going to be all creative and full of beautiful clothing, accessories and jewelry that I feel inspired to share. Also being Indian, I’m quite lucky that we have an array of traditional attires such as saree’s, lehenga choli, salwar kameez, etc . Hence, featuring a fresh mix of east and west won’t be a hard task either. Please feel free to email me and suggest new exciting pieces that you find should be featured on here 🙂

I hope whatever I post in this category will be a useful guide for your wardrobe and collectively we can all feel more fashionable and chic! 🙂

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Welcome to Girl Talk! :)

Hello my Lovebees!  Welcome to my Girl Talk category 🙂

This is where I want all the fun to be! I specially made this category for interaction between us and to discuss all the nonsensical things we can think of! So please do feel free to leave suggestions on what areas and topics I should cover. However, I do have one request. Can we please refrain from making any personal remarks on here.  I have made this category with pure intentions to exchange pleasantries and knowledge between us, and definitely not to cause any offence so I would like to kindly urge everyone to please be nice 🙂 If I happen to offend any of my readers as well I apologise in advance and will certainly try to make amends.

For the same reasons I will not be posting any subjects related to religion or politics. These two areas are sensitive and can be blown out of proportion, so considering the sensitivity of these matters I will not be posting about those subjects. Apart from that I hope that this category will be our little open discussion area where we can get to know each other’s views and stories.

I have not yet thought of what topic my next post will be about but I will certainly try my best to make it an inspiring and a fun read!  Thank you for taking the time to read my first post on here and please do stay in tune for my upcoming posts!! Muahhhh

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Review: Kickass Instant Retouch Pressed Powder


Kickass Instant Retouch Pressed Powder

Kickass by Soap & Glory is my go to powder 90 percent of the time! It is an absolute necessity for my makeup kit. I go berserk when I replace or lose it. Sounds intense but that ‘s how strong our bond is <3

I discovered Kickass a couple of years ago when a beautician recommended it to me and I’ve been hooked ever since. It is a yellow based pressed powder that can be used for setting and retouching. The colour of the powder is a light lime yellow which I was slightly concerned about as I thought it will make me look like a ghost but luckily it doesn’t leave a light cast on the face. To me it is completely undetectable. I have used Kickass with different foundations and it goes with almost every formula. If you have yellow undertones then chances are that you will be using a yellow based setting powder as well. Should you decide to check out this one, I assure you that you will end up loving it as much as I do!  The texture of Kickass is very fine and that’s probably the only one con about this product; that you will notice a lot of fallout. However, the finish is so flawless that I find this is a minor drawback considering the end result. One suggestion I have is to exfoliate your skin before using this powder for a smoother application.

It is not a full coverage powder so it will not cover scarring, textured or uneven skin. So please bear in mind that for a full coverage you’ll have to apply extra foundation with this one. I personally use this powder with  Georgio Armani Luminous Silk foundation. Luminous silk is also a sheer coverage foundation, so this combo ends up giving me the ‘my-skin-but better’ look. I am a sucker for natural makeup that looks like your own skin in person and these two for me totally achieve that!!

Kickass Powder

Kickass is from a UK based brand called Soap & Glory. Their bath and body products are available in other countries however makeup items are only exclusive to the UK. Kickass sells like hot cakes at £12! Trust me, every time I’ve inquired about it it’s been out of stock so I usually buy them in bulk whenever I can.

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