Review: Georgio Armani High Precision Retouch Concealer

armani precision concealer

Georgio Armani High Precision Retouch Concealer

I have been using this concealer for the past 6 months now and I have had it for almost a year! But I only discovered its awesomeness in the last few months when I decided to unearth it from one of my abandoned makeup cases. This is one of the best concealers I’ve come across. The texture is perfect for any skin type, and mine is combination skin. I use the shade 3.5 (Light Sand) which is orange-based. It’s got just the right amount of orange in it to conceal dark circles and uneven skin tone. It is liquid in texture but not exactly runny. I find the formula of this concealer perfect because it sets in the very scales of the skin which is awesome! You will definitely not see a smudged waterline or pencil marks under the eyes with this one. Another great thing about this concealer is that it is long lasting. It refuses to move or budge like most concealers do at the end of a long day. If you happen to have a yellow undertone like myself then the shade Light Sand will work for you. I always use this concealer in conjunction with the GA Luminous Silk foundation and it matches like a charm. This combo almost undoubtedly gives me flawless finish every single time! Love it.

GA Precision Concealer


The bottom two pics are swatches of the concealer and foundation and you can see how the concealer beautifully blends in with the foundation creating an amazing gradient. This concealer is definitely a hit if you are looking for the under eye highlight.

GA High Precision Retouch concealer sells for 35$ in the US and £26 in the UK. It is available online in India via for around Rs.2,553. (price at the time of publishing)


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Review: Tweezerman Pointed Foundation Brush

tweezerman pointed foundation brush

Tweezerman Pointed Foundation Brush.

This brush is a God sent for contouring! I have other brushes as well but when it comes to blending the contour the Tweezerman pointed foundation brush  makes it so much easier!! I had ordered this brush on a whim via a friend who was travelling to London and I had given her a looong list of goodies I wanted her to bring back. I was in two minds about this brush till the very last moment. I wasn’t sure if it was going to really make a difference as I was already using Mac’s 301 for contouring and it did a decent job but at the same time I was itching to explore my options. So hesitantly I asked her to get it before I changed my mind.

When I received it I wasn’t too keen on how it looked or felt. As the bristles are made of synthetic hair, they felt rubbery and stiff. But when I gave it a try, I was in contour heaven! I was actually amazed at the results. I was like, Hallelujah I have found my ultimate contour brush! :)) This brush gives me so much control and direction. Because of the pointed tip contouring and swiping any cream product/ foundation has become a breeze. Again thanks to the tip, this brush can give you a defined face, chiseled cheeks and a tight jawline in no time. Plus it fits well with the contours of any face shape.

Till now I preferred small angled brushes for contouring but since I have discovered this brush, I can’t see myself using anything else. It blends everything smoothly and does the work in half the time compared to other brushes which is such a bonus when you’re rushing to get ready like I always am! Lol However, I’d be curious to see how softer bristles with the same shape would perform. Wonder if Tweezerman would consider making a sister for this one? I say sister coz this brush doesn’t look feminine at all and a feminine looking brush would be nice! :D. Overall, I am super glad I didn’t pass on this amazing brush.

So there it is my lovebees, If you’re looking for a great brush to add to your collection, or if you’re just starting out on your contouring journey then this is the perfect tool to start with!

Given the shape I prefer the brush specifically for contouring but you can use it for any cream or liquid products.

pointed foundation brushpointed foundation brush 2

The Tweezerman Pointed Foundation brush is available at drugstores in the US for and in the UK. It is not available in India as of now.

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Review: The Beauty Blender


The Beauty Blender

What can I say about the Beauty Blender? It has successfully built a cult following in every part of the world. It is not just a regular beauty sponge, it is a miracle tool for beauty gurus! For me the Beauty Blender had been a complete makeup game changer. I have hardly touched my brushes since I fell in love with it and I can safely say this love is here to stay!

After the launch of the Beauty Blender many companies came out with their own versions. Think Real Techniques complexion sponge and many other generic brands. But the Beauty Blender has still remained a firm favourite of millions of women.

I found out about the Beauty Blender via numerous beauty bloggers and youtubers and almost everyone had great things to say about it! When I finally managed to try it, I was really really excited about the results! How could a wet sponge make me look so flawless and airbrushed?! But yes that was the miracle of the Beauty Blender. The airbrushed effect is due to the way the sponge has been made. The open cell structure (bubbles) in the sponge are super tiny mimicking the scales of real skin so it deposits the product on the skin seamlessly. The sponge can be used wet or dry for both powders and foundations. I use it wet for foundation and powder. The shape of the beauty blender is dome/egg shape. The pointed part is perfect for applying concealers and powder in the under eye area and the rounded part is ideal for the rest of the face.

The only con about this item is that you have to go through the hassle of running it under the water and wringing it. So it is always handy to carry your foundation brush with you in case there’s no way to dampen the sponge.

If you live in India like me and you apply your makeup in a room with your ceiling fan on, then mind you your sponge is going to dry up in a jiffy, possibly even before your foundation is fully applied! So to avoid that don’t wring out the water completely.

The Beauty Blender comes in 4 different forms. Original, Pure, Pro, and Micromini. They are all more or less the same except that the Pro sponge can be used for body makeup and tanning. As a beginner it is best to start with the original Beauty Blender and get the hang of it.

So girls if you want to try something different other than a brush,  start with this sponge. And to women who still use their fingers to apply their foundation, this will be a good addition to your makeup routine.

As this tool is a sponge it is imperative to clean it thoroughly before applying your foundation every time. You will be using it on your face hence it is important to start clean. I usually wash it with an anti bacterial face wash till I see the water running clear and leave it to air dry on a clean napkin.

Please note. You will see the sponges colour running under water every time you wash it while it’s new. That’s quite normal. Mine is a couple of years old so no longer transfers colour.

The Beauty Blender is available online via their website for $20 in the US and £16 in the UK. It is easily available online on Amazon and eBay worldwide. In India it is available online for around Rs. 2,200 on

(Please be aware, due to its high demand there are a lot of dupes, so it is best to check the source before making your purchase)


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Struggles and setbacks


Hello my lovelies! My first post here is going to be about facing struggles..

We are all from different genres and walks of life and we all lead different lives. We are all struggling in our own way; monetarily, emotionally, physically, or culturally.

Some of you reading this are struggling at this very moment in some way or the other. Those who aren’t, you are blessed and let’s pray that you do not have to face any struggles in your life but chances are you most likely will and you will learn from them. Like happiness and joy are a part of life, so are failure and defeat. The key is to see all struggles as a phase; some are long and some are short. Unfortunately, how long or short a bad phase is going to be is never in our hands. But what is in our hands is our attitude towards these setbacks.

Please bear in mind that in no way am I trying to play life coach to anyone going through a tough time by broaching this topic. Whatever is here is just my take based on my experiences and how I have managed to tackle my own demons.

Like everyone, I have been through my share of ups and downs. At one point all I did was complain about how life was perpetually unfair. We all go through these feelings. But the most important realization I’ve had over the years is that 9 times out 10 it is our own mind playing tricks on us. Our own thought patterns become our worst enemy. We get so consumed by the negativity that we start taking what we have working for us for granted! We devalue and belittle ourselves into thinking that we can’t do anything or we’re not good enough or smart enough or pretty enough or rich enough or popular enough to be what we want to be. But the truth is, we can be everything if we try.

I firmly believe in destiny and I do believe that if it’s not in your destiny to get success now then you will not. BUT instead you will find out what you are meant to do and you will be where you have to be and get what you need to have to attain that success. However, to open those doors of destiny, luck or success we have to take the trying steps!

A lot of us get bogged down with negative thinking and discouragement. I know I do all the time! And if you’re like me and can’t help negativity from getting to you then let the very same negative feelings motivate you and aim to prove those who doubt you wrong! Sometimes it’s our negative thinking that works as a conduit to make you chase after that unattainable dream, just so you can get to where you thought you would never be in life.

So I want to encourage all my beautiful readers out there that we should always, no matter what, try to do what we strongly believe in, even if it is an impossible dream. For example, on a personal note, It took me a looong time before I could start this blog. Literally YEARS. I always doubted myself. I did not think anyone would be interested in reading what I had to share but I overcame those doubts and I took that leap of faith. Even then I still faced the headache of getting it up and running. It is a learning process and I know I will get better at it with time.

If you’ve been thinking of doing something for the longest time but feel that the time has passed, then you couldn’t be farther from the truth. Don’t let time be the deciding factor for your dreams. It’s always better to be late than never having tried.

Another thing we all do is focus too much on the end results. That is also a stumbling block. We spend way too much time thinking about what we will accomplish as a result. Set out to do something primarily because it makes you happy rather than wondering what the end result will be. Your passion and hard work will bring you the success, accomplishments and the recognition that you seek eventually.

If you have been putting something on hold then don’t let age, time or the uncertainty of what lies ahead stop you. Take the plunge if that’s where your heart is.

Of course it’s not easy when you have bills to pay and a family to feed, but taking baby steps towards your goal, regardless of how small or big will make you a happier person. You will become a happier partner, parent, sibling, colleague, boss and all the numerous roles you play to the loved ones around you.

Don’t sideline those dreams because your  dreams are a part of you and you are just as important.

Setbacks, negativity, bad people and a cruel environment are all a part of life. I wish we could fast forward to a happier, positive world where everything was peace and love. Sadly we still have a long way to go before we get there, so for now we can help each other… How? By overcoming these negative setbacks and setting examples of ourselves by doing something we truly believe in, so that those who can’t muster the courage can follow our lead!

I stand behind all you beautiful ladies who have taken the leap of faith and are venturing out in the unknown. We are all in this together and you have my full support. Believe in yourself and believe that you have something to offer because we all do in one way or the other! I wish all my beautiful girls my unconditional love and wish the very best in whatever you are out to achieve! Be healthy. Be beautiful. And always be you! 🙂


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All about Face Oils!

FullSizeRender 150

Hello lovelies! This post is much overdo! I felt like I went on a mini sabbatical but my true calling; blogging has yet again pulled me back 😀

So post is all about oils! The beauty industry is bombarded with a surge of natural products, one of them being facial oils! Facial oils are packed with antioxidants, omega fatty acids, polyphenols and other fun stuff that our skin love. I have reviewed 4 of the oils that have stood out for me although I have tried my fair share over time. I must add that what works for me may not work for you. Purely because our skin type and needs can be very different depending on the geography, climate, age and texture, hence certain oils will react differently on different skin types.
I have narrowed down to the 1) Boots Botanics 100% organic facial oil 2) Tarte Maracuja oil and 3) Bodyshop Seeds of life oil 4) Trilogy Rosehip oil



1) Bodyshop Seeds of life facial oil

This product was always in the back of my mind ever since Kaushal from Kaushal beauty, who is one of my favourite bloggers mentioned how much she loves it in one of her videos. I usually don’t just up and buy things but I trust Kaushal’s insight and thoughts on beauty products so I caved and went ahead and bought the oil.
The packaging is white and looks really classy and upmarket. The bottle is glass and has a gradient shading with a dropper and looks super serious and up market.
Now let’s talk about the product itself.
The oil feels light. It warms up slightly on touch but not like most oils. The packaging recommends 1 or 2 drops but I love my oils so I usually take 3 or 4 depending on the consistency of the oil. It spread nicely and sinks in the skin rather quickly. Within half a minute I would say without leaving any residue what so ever. There’s no scent to the oil and look like the colour of extra mild olive oil which is pale yellow. My overall thoughts are that this oil is a perfect moisturiser replacement if your skin needs that extra TLC and attention. I also feel it would work great as a makeup base.














2) Tarte Maracuja oil

I bought the Tarte Maracuja oil on an online shopping spree from Sephora. Sephora is usually my go to page like it would be for most bloggers 😃 I am a believer in the power of vitamin C and how it brightens, livens & revives dull skin hence I got this oil. The Maracuja oil felt thickest compared to the other three but it’s consistency is unique. It feels like a thick gel-ish serum the first few seconds it touches the skin and then liquified further with warmth. This oil warmed up instantly on touch and spread evenly leaving a light residue. But it lives up to its name. It does brighten the skin and I feel it made a difference within a few days. My skin felt nourished and light and brighter.














3) Boots Botanics 100% organic facial oil

This was the very first facial oil I got and I have two! So that says a lot! I absolutely love this oil. I always keep going back to it when I need that intensely nourished feel to my skin. This oil sinks in within a minute but leaves a little yellow cast which I feel is only detectable to me. I’m strange like that I notice way too many things. I used this oil for a good month and I must say my skin looked the happiest when I did. The key is consistency with this one. Your skin will start feeling brighter and clearer and if you’re fair toned you’ll start seeing your cheeks getting rosy when you laugh which I rarely see! So this oil really works. For those looking to try it, just be consistent with it.
Tip: apply the oil on damp skin for best results. I usually sprayed some Avene thermal spring water beforehand!















4) Trilogy Rosehip Oil

I got onto the Rosehip bandwagon when I heard Kate Middleton is a fan of Rosehip oil and specifically uses this brand in her beauty regime. If Kate loves it, of course I had to try it, Duh! However, I must say I was slightly disappointed. The oil is brown in colour which is expected since it’s pure Rosehip extract. The smell is mustardy and pungent; again expected. The feel is very rubbery like. It’s hard to explain the rubbery bit but picture the feeling you get in your hands when you’re trying to warm up your hands in a cold room. Now imagine using a moisturiser and it’s keeps rubbing without giving you that moisturised feeling? That feeling!
It takes a good 2 minutes for the oil to sink in and it leaves a slight residue. Does it work? I applied this oil before going to sleep and I woke up with oilier skin. Usually the oil sinks in and dries up during the night but this one didn’t. Maybe I used too much oil? I don’t want to categorise it just yet because I did not use it more than 3 times for the reasons mentioned and to really judge a product you’ve got to give it 15 days to a month. Unfortunately, this will have to be the least favourite of all of the oils I’ve used. Sorry Reship 🙁














So this concludes my Facial oil post and there are a few more in my list that I would love to try. I shall let you all know how they fare when I get my hands on them! 🙂

One I’m really looking forward to trying out is the Sunday Riley Luna sleeping night oil, Kiel’s midnight recovery concentrate and Mega defence barrier boosting essence oil by Dr. Andrew Weil from Origins.

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Review: Georgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation


Georgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation

After continuously mentioning it’s name in earlier posts, the time has come to give Luminous Silk foundation the credit that it truly deserves! 🙂

I cannot stress how much I LOVE this foundation and there are hundreds of women out there who share my love for this product!  Armani has really nailed the formula for this one and it’s awesome. Please note: it is sheer formula so it will not work for girls looking for a full coverage to cover imperfections. You may be able to cover small spots & blemishes but if you’re looking to hide scars or bumps then you’ll need to go for something heavier like MAC or GA’s other formulas. I bought this foundation after coming across Huda Kattans review on her website I follow Huda religiously (Errr…stalkerish tendencies? I hope she’s not reading this! :D) and trust her in-depth accounts of every product she reviews. I initially applied Luminous Silk on my face with the Sigma F80 buffer brush but I wasn’t too happy, I thought my face looked bare. But then I applied it on with the beauty blender and I was an instant lover!…(What is a beauty blender? Stay tuned for my next post! )

Packaging-wise, the foundation comes in a glossy black box which unveils a matte glass bottle with a black lid and pump which perfect hygienic reasons. It is simple yet stays true to its brand Armani; simple, chic and upscale.

GA Luminous Silk really photographs beautifully; no white cast or odd looking skin tone with this one. Your skin will look like your own skin but better with a healthy from-within-glow. I recently also converted my sister to using this foundation. She had been a MAC or nothing girl for the past few years but after trying out this baby she was sold! So I would highly recommend Luminous Silk to women looking for a new foundation that gives natural dewy finish. I personally use the shade 6.5 and 6.25 which is equivalent to Mac NC35 and NC40. Sometimes I mix the 2 colours to get a customised shade. One drawback about this product is that it is not a less is more type of formula. I usually have to use 3 pumps to achieve the base I’m satisfied with. And to me 3 pumps of foundation is a lot.

The way I apply this foundation is by dotting it with my fingers all over the face and then blending in circular motions like you would a face cream. Afterwards with a damp beauty blender dab in quick light stamping motions all over the face.

Georgio Armani Luminous silk foundation

Georgio Armani Luminous Silk foundation is available via Armani Beauty counters at all major department stores around the world. It is available in the US (Nordstrom, Sephora, Macy’s) for $ 62 and in the UK (Selfridges, Harvey Nichols, Debenhams) for £34.50 .It is available in India online at for Rs. 4,575

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