Glowing with Becca cosmetic’s Champagne face palette!


Hello lovelies!

This look is dedicated to my favourite Champagne face palette by Jaclyn hill and Becca cosmetics. That’s mostly what I’ve used here. Absolutely love how it came out! Perfect for that enchanting summer glow with a pop of gold on the eyes ✨

I thoroughly enjoyed using this palette because the glow you get with this palette is just ethereal. I looked like a walking talking golden mermaid! The highlighter is really pigmented and smooth and I find it is very long lasting as well. I applied my makeup at 1pm in the afternoon and I took it off at 7pm which really isn’t bad if you come think of it’s staying power.



Makeup deets:

Face: Armani Beauty Luminous silk foundation 6.0 mixed with Urban decay cosmetics All nighters foundation 5.0.  Bronzer: Natural collection cosmetics bronzer in ‘sun tint’. Cheeks: Used the shade ‘amaretto’ to contour and ‘champagne pop’ and ‘prosecco pop’ to highlight from the face palette. Used ‘opal’ on the highest points & inner tear ducts.


Crease: ‘pamplemousse’ and ‘amaretto’. Lids: ‘champagne pop’ all over and dab ‘prosecco pop’ in the centre.


Soap and glory Marvelips dabbed with ‘pamplemousse’.


Huda beauty ‘samantha’.


Nyx cosmetics Eyebrow kit.

champagne face palette


Hope you all liked it! If you have suggestions for any make up looks please don’t hesitate to leave comments 💕

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How to spot REAL and FAUX friends!


Hello Lovelies! I have come across a lot of friends in my life. Some are still there and some have drifted away. I have no qualms about the ones who have left. Really I don’t. Because of them I have been able to understand a lot about life and relationships. I have been able to decipher the differences between the short lived and the potentially long term friendships from all the experiences I have endured.

Don’t get me wrong, in no way am I implying that I’m an expert at analysing someone’s persona and intentions but I have seen tell tale patterns in people who are there just for the long and the short haul. Some of the common signs you’ll see in genuine and fake friendships is as below;


1) Will only get in touch when they need something or being in contact with you will benefit them somehow.
2) They will compliment you to boost your ego even if they know you look like crap.
3) They will contact you and plan to meet when it suits their schedule.
4) They will randomly call you to find out if you want to ‘hang’.
5) They will get irritated or annoyed with you if you don’t side with their opinion.
6) They are all about networking and creating contacts who will somehow prove beneficial at some point in their life. So if you’re out with them they are most likely socialising with new people leaving you to wonder why you came out with them in the first place.
7) You see a different side of them appear at different times in different scenarios which is rather confusing.
8) They will hardly, if ever offer to buy you a drink, lunch or dinner. They usually go dutch or go home.
9) They always somehow have ‘other’ plans they cannot miss when you suggest catching up.
10) They say they’ll call you back in some time but you inevitably end up being the one calling them days later.
11) They will never call to find out how you’re doing unless they’re worried they’ll lose you as a useful confidante.
12) They will briefly ask about your life but end up talking about themselves because that is more important.
13) They will never message or call to find out if you’ve reached home safe.
14) You never really know their schedule or where they are.
15) They don’t like or comment on your photos or updates on social media unless they’re a part of it.
16) You won’t really be aware nor be a part of their personal life.
17) They won’t offer to help out in situations involving your family or other friends.
18) They will behave as if they owe you no apology or explanation if you’re hurt by their actions.
19) They won’t make the effort to get in touch or mend the friendship if you have drifted apart for whatever reasons.


1) Will be in touch despite differences and even when they don’t need something from you.
2)They will not shy away from telling you how you look if you’re about to step out looking less than your best.
3)They will adjust their schedule to meet you even if it’s for a short time.
4)They will plan to hang out with you and spend quality time.
5) They won’t overly get irritated if you disagree with them and their ways. True friends agree to disagree.
6) No matter where you go, they will stick around and socialise with you. You came out together, you leave together.
7) You know most of their personas and how they’d react in a given situation.
8) They will never let you buy drinks or food on a special occasion or if they’ve specially invited you.
9) They swap their plans if they can to have that long awaited catch up with you.
10) They will always call you back or acknowledge if they can’t.
11) They will regularly check up on you if they know you haven’t been yourself.
12) They will always want to hear about your problems first if they know you need to talk.
13) They will expect a text or will call you to find out if you’ve reached home safely.
14) You know their schedule and routine well enough.
15) They will always like and comment on photos that mean a lot to you.
16) You know quite a bit about their personal life.
17) They will always be willing to help in situations involving your family and other friends.
18) They will apologise & explain if you’re hurt even if they owe you neither.
19) They will make the effort to get in touch and bridge the gap if you have drifted apart.

So these are some of the subtle or major differences I’ve noticed in friendships over the years. Of course every friendship is unique and every situation is different. To each their own, if having a friendship that offers you less than what’s mentioned here makes you feel happy then please disregard this post. It is not meant to throw any shade at a friend who doesn’t practice all of the above.

This is purely my observation and take on what I consider as real and fake friends. Please do let me know what you make of this observation. Do you agree with it? What are your thoughts?

One thing I’d like to add though. Do not let any ‘friends’ make you feel like crap. Real friends should empower, support and stand up for each other. If you feel you’re not part of such friendships than don’t be afraid to let go and detach from them. There are lots of people out there who are ready to give you the respect, attention and fairness you deserve. That’s what #squadgoals are made of! 😉


Image courtesy: Project Inspired

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My hair loss story and tips that can help!


Hello lovelies!

How many of you ladies have jumped at the sight of an awkwardly shocking glob of murky soapy hair that’s blocking your shower drain while you happily finish your daily showering business? Probably all of us at some point in our lives!
I have been there way too many times to even remember now. My scalp usually goes through a period of shedding hair every year…and it’s definitely not a happy time!
Every year I’m miserable around summer. (That’s when the most shedding happens). Every summer I spend most of my days indoors so I don’t have to wash my hair and see loads of hair staring at me in the drain making me feel like I’m suffering from some life threatening disease that I’m yet to discover!

Saying all this I have come to accept that this is a process that happens to some more frequently than others and it’s quite a natural one and there’s nothing to be scared about it.

Yes yes, I know it all sounds nice and normal but no one prepares you for the emotional effect it has on you while you’re body is doing its whacky thing.

For women all over the world, hair is one of the most celebrated features of beauty. To have thick, healthy hair is like being born with a lucky star. So when you see yourself losing something that’s revered everywhere in all cultures and communities, it’s literally quite heartbreaking!

So let’s face it, the longer your hair, the more hair you’ll see, and the worse you will feel when you lose it. I have pretty long hair (almost upto my elbows) so you can imagine how crazy I was going! It would take absolute ages for my hair to grow that length so when I was seeing all this hair saying goodbye to their home I was bound to feel pretty worried.

To put my mind at ease and half heartedly expecting to hear that I’m gonna die soon I went to see a dermatologist for my excessive hair loss. I was taken to a room where photos that were digitally magnified probably a thousand times were taken and I was asked questions about whether I understood my hair and really knew the difference between broken and ‘falling’ hair. (Rolling eyes). I have pretty healthy hair otherwise, meaning they aren’t chemically treated or dry so there wasn’t much breakage. It was all coming out from the source. Read roots.

I was told that it is very common to undergo severe hair loss after a traumatic experience, accident or an illness. I had gone through tremendous stress a few months prior to my hair fall dilemma so it made complete sense to the doctor as to why I was facing this condition. Basically in a nutshell your hair will leave you after you stress a lot. Not right away but it will leave you. It will get all angry at you because you stressed so much that it had to eventually leave you.

Most pregnant women will also face hair loss during or after their pregnancy. Usually the surge in hormones helps facilitate hair growth and once the baby is delivered the hormones balance out and one of the repercussion of that is that you lose hair. Sadly.

One big lesson I have learnt. DONT STRESS. For the sake of vanity and your hair, do not stress. Our scalp really despises it. Secondly, give it nourishment. Oil massages and hot oil treatments are imperative for strong healthy hair. Massages promote blood circulation which is key for rapid new hair growth. But the most important thing; eat your proteins and happy hair foods like eggs, fish, bananas, nuts, legumes etc consistently.

Another thing the doctor told me was that do not wait for your scalp or hair to get dirty before you wash it. Regular washing keeps your scalp clean which is important for new hair growth. Wash your hair with tepid water.

Ladies, I hope this will help you and make you feel less anxious about what you are going through. Trust me, I know the feeling very well and I know how heart wrenching it can be. But the good thing is that it does stop and it does get better!

Remember the hair that you are losing now was suppose to leave your scalp at some point. Unfortunately when and how much hair we lose is something we cannot always control. But there is hope and it does stop and it does get back to normal 😊

Hair care tips that worked for me:

1. I started taking Biotin supplements regularly to encourage new ‘stronger’ hair growth.
2. I also incorporated MSM (Methyl-Sulfonyl-Methane) an organic sulphur compound which is usually found in meat, dairy and some vegetables in powder form by taking a teaspoon everyday in a glass of water or mixing it with my shampoo. Hair is made up of a protein called keratin which is high in sulphur content. As we age the ‘anagen’ phase of the hair reduces. Anagen phase is when the hair is at its strongest and healthiest. With ageing our hair becomes thin and brittle. That is due to lack of collagen and sulphur in our bodies. Supplementing sulphur will ensure thick strong hair growth like before.
3. I switched to natural organic shampoo and skipped on the conditioning during this period.
4. I did scalp acupressure which is pressing on certain points on your scalp to release tension and increase blood circulation.




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Bonvita Style bracelets!

Hello lovelies!

Those of you who know me in person may recall me raving on & on about these stunning bracelets when I got them. I couldn’t stop going on about them! I absolutely love wearing them 😊 They’ve become a staple of my daily life. I get asked about them ALL the time!

I am still yet to discover the diamanté bracelets that they have added to their collection. Lovelies if you’re on the look out for gorgeous dainty bracelets like these then definitely do check out Bonvita style & the great range they hold! 👍🏼

For those who are unaware about Bonvita style, it is founded by the gorgeous youtuber Kaushal Beauty known as @kaushalbeauty o Instagram and her other half @vexking. They are the ultimate power couple who believe in spreading nothing but positivity & you can clearly see it reflected in all their accessories.

Now, lets talk about the quality; the quality of these bracelets is just amazing! They look like stylish and pretty high end. I have been wearing them daily for a while now and so far there have been no problems with it. No discolouration, no rusting and no scratches!

For those of you interested in buying these bracelets, they are 29.99 pounds each but Kaushal regularly posts discount codes on her Instagram which usually bring them down to 27 or less. They do sell out rather quickly so get your hands on them while you can! You can buy them from

They have bracelets in silver, rose gold and gold with various uplifting and inspirational taglines! Do check them out lovelies!

BV bracelets

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A letter to my younger self by 5 years!


Well hello you!!

I don’t know where to start…life has thrown a few curve balls at you, hasn’t it? 😊 I want to tell you something you probably won’t realise until you are where I am. Life is gonna get long and dreary but I want you to keep at it like you are right now. You will feel dejected and sad and there’ll be moments where you’ll really feel like ending things. Your morale will be at its lowest low and you will question your entire existence. But things will get better and you will meet people along the way who will come into your life to help you, support you, change you and be there for you.

You will encounter moments of realisations and awareness that you haven’t just yet. Some of these people will love you, some will anger you, some will leave you and some will misunderstand you. I’m not gonna lie, you will get hurt. Sometimes heartbroken but you will live. And you will learn from these pains. You will learn some cruel lessons which you’ll struggle understanding why you had to learn them in the first place.

If you have to change one thing about this journey then change this: do not resist the tide, do not fight it, do not struggle with it. If something is meaning to leave your life let it go with grace. If something is coming, accept it lovingly. Don’t fight the course of life. Don’t dwell in the pain and negatives you will encounter in your journey for that too will pass and be a snippet from the past that will hardly cross your mind in a few years from now. Relish the time and moments you have with your friends now because some will leave your life and not come back. Enjoy those late night calls, enjoy those random coffee dates, enjoy that amazing feeling of being a bff to your bestie. Remind yourself how grateful you are for having the family and support system you have in your present moment. Remind yourself that you are lucky to be alive and kicking and doing things on your own.

You will have to go through a phase where physically you’ll feel inadequate and a failure but those will serve as deep lessons which will teach you about your inner strength. You will feel sad and handicapped and incapable of doing anything but you will persevere. In those temporary moments of sadness remind yourself of your inner strength and your purpose. At times you will question why you and compare yourself with everyone else who is better than you. You will question why they have a better life. My dear..I’m 5 years wiser and I’m rapidly realising how irrelevant all that comparing was. What a big waste of time! 10 years from now you’ll be thankful if you even have the desire to read a letter to yourself! So please don’t bother comparing yourself with anyone. Hone your skills and love what you do! Spend all your free time doing the things that makes your spirit happy, no matter what that is. Don’t stress and cry less my dear..all that crying and stressing will eventually catch up and stare you right in the face. And I mean literally! You will inevitably come to accept that stressing is like karma for your facial beauty. It truly ages you!

Enjoy the life you have and eat healthy. Love fully and whole heartedly. Don’t close your doors on love. You will meet people who will make you feel things you will want to avoid feeling but dont avoid it. Don’t restrain yourself from giving in. These experiences will be precious moments you will cherish your whole life. Even though the person will no longer participate in your life, those moments will linger on and become tender memories you will like keeping forever.

5 years from now you will be a woman who will finally learn to love herself with empathy and admiration. She will bask in the femininity and strength of being a woman who has bravely fought her battles. 5 years will make you a fighter! And you will fight and conquer pebbles, stones …sometimes large rocks along the way. Every experience will be a special one that will teach you about you . Lastly always remember that loving yourself first will never go out of style! 😉


P.s. Do me a favour and don’t ever make the mistake of getting a silly haircut for your birthday!!


Your elder self.



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Review: Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow

CT bronze and glow

Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow

This palette came out in Aug 2013 and if you are a makeup junkie like me, then you would know that Charlotte Tilbury is the crème de la crème of the makeup artist world. So when she launched her own brand I really really really wanted to try this palette. Yes, the price did give me sleepless nights but every penny spent was totally worth it! This palette has 2 compartments. One for highlighting and the other one for contour/bronzing. The packaging is really unconventional. It’s doesn’t come in a regular box like other palettes do. The box has 2 layers. You have to slide the top layer in opposite direction going outwards which reveals the box inside that charmingly unfolds like a present. So top marks for that CT! You guys totally aced the packaging.

Now let’s talk about the stuff inside the box. For me it was love at first sight! The product is set in a rose gold box metal palette. It’s just so beautiful and classy. The product itself was also something I instantly took a liking to. I just LOVED how subtle and natural the contour looked on my skin. I’m of Indian origin so I have a strong yellow undertone. For reference purposes I’m generally a NC35 in Mac and NC40 during summers. On my skin tone this bronzer looked really nice. It’s one of those shades that doesn’t give you an intense contoured look that you would notice straight away. The colour is taupy brown with a purple-ish tinge in it. Some can find that it may look muddy on the skin and honestly I had doubts too when I first saw it but nope, it looks very natural and gives a shadow effect.

Now lets talk about the highlighter part. The highlighter is really pretty. It’s a satin cream colour with fine gold specs that give a beautiful iridescent sheen. The texture is so finely milled that it blends beautifully. It doesn’t leave any harsh lines or streaks. I have always used this palette for special occasions. It truly does make me feel all model-ish and glam minus the long legs! 😀

Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar bronze & glow is available in select departmental stores. (Selfridges and Harvey Nichols in the UK, Nordstrom in the US. Sadly it is not available in India as of now). It sells at $68 in the US and £49 in the UK.

I use the Luxie lush 504 angled brush to apply this bronzer. CT does recommend to use this palette with her signature brush Powder & Sculpt brush for a better contour but of course any angled or a dome shaped brush will do. For those interested, CT Powder & Sculpt brush sells at $49 in the US and £35 in the UK. Although pricey, I must admit that it is one of the brushes that is totally on my wish list! 😉

Filmstar Bronze & Glow
Filmstar Bronze & Glow
Filmstar Bonze & Glow
Filmstar Bonze & Glow
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