Tips for aspiring MUA’s & makeup lovers!


Hey lovelies! How are you all? As some of you may know that I’m an ‘aspiring’ MUA, I refrain from calling myself a pro because I feel we’re all constantly learning all the time and everyone is different and unique in their own way so there’s always a thing or two we can learn from each other 🙂

I have complied a few tips that I hope will be useful for my fellow bloggers and MUA’s looking to improve their craft. Hope you all find it useful!


1. Becoming a makeup artist can really take a toll on your pockets if you don’t already own a pro kit. Makeup is not cheap, especially professional makeup. But please do not stress about buying ALL the products recommended. There are ways around it. For example; brands like Graftobian, Cinema secrets and Kryolan have foundation palettes that cater to all skin tones! Invest in cream palettes than individual foundation bottles of different shades. It ends up being more cost effective and you learn how to colour match your clients too!


2. You don’t need ALL the eye and face brushes. I literally started out with 5 eye brushes and 5 face brushes. That’s it. Key is to gage on what you are comfortable with  and what results you want while applying makeup. For example, I usually use the fluffy Mac 217 which is a popular eye shadow brush to apply eyeshadow on the lids which means I hardly reach out for my flat eye shadow brush unless I’m doing precision work. So observe which brushes you tend to reach out for most and what feels comfortable in your hand.


3. I cannot stress this one enough. Practice, practice, practice on colour correcting! The biggest challenge I faced when I started out was getting that even flawless finish. (Read concealing dark circles, hyper pigmentation, scars, etc) I truly struggled until I learnt the art of colour correcting. Once you nail this bit, you’re already half way to getting a flawless foundation base every single time! 🙂 So take your time learning this part and invest in a cream based colour correcting palette that has the oranges, peaches and greens to get you started. NYX does a really good one!


4. Improvise on your style. Everyone has their own unique style and taste in makeup. However, being a makeup artist means you should be able to deliver the type of look that your client wants but steadily build your own name by creating a niche of your own in your area. For example, some brides want a very soft sheer look while some want a heavy bold cakey look. It’s all down to preference but if you do not enjoy applying cakey makeup then slowly advertise yourself as someone who is great at delivering a softer look. This comes with time and word of mouth but eventually be ready to say no to clients if  what they are asking for is not your style. If you are not passionate or happy with what you’re delivering then that will start reflecting on your work. In the beginning while you are still finding your place, observe what type of looks you love creating and what makes you happy.


5. There’s a new palette or primer or that perfect concealer that is launched every month! It can get very daunting if you are starting out and are faced with a decision about some new item that has just been launched! Popular Youtubers and beauty gurus are sent new makeup to review and if you follow them, it can get very annoying when you are trying to save up but instead you are being swayed to buy new makeup that will ‘totally change your makeup game’. Being a makeup lover I know how hard it is to resist myself from buying newly launched items from brands that I love but honestly speaking, if you can then spare yourself that sort of temptation because makeup is all about the application technique. You can get the same high end look by using similar drug store products!


6. This is the most important tip. Please do not feel upset and undervalued if you feel that you are not getting the attention and clientele that you deserve. If you are feeling that it’s not happening for you, I  promise you that it will. If makeup and beauty is your passion then do not give up on it. It is not easy making a name in the beauty or makeup industry and I speak from experience because I have struggled a lot myself. But slowly and surely I started to get noticed and people started asking me for my availability. I am not super popular or anything but I’m grateful for where I am. It didn’t come easy but eventually it did. That is only because I kept going and never gave up even on my lowest days…So I’ll say this once again; DON’T give up! Your time WILL come 🙂

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Great Gatsby inspired makeup


Hello loves!

This look was inspired by the movie The Great Gatsby (which is a great movie by the way!). I just really love the 20’s era and the whole allure of that generation. Some see those times as turbulent and unstable and I do agree to some extent. We have come a long way since then but speaking purely from beauty and makeup perspective I feel the 20’s were so mysterious and hauntingly beautiful!



For this look I used the Tarte Amazonian Clay matte palette for the eyes and the Zoeva Cocoablend palette to darken the edges.





Makeup forever official HD foundation Y127 mixed with Urban decay cosmetics All nighter foundation 5.0. Cream highlight: Maybelline Age rewind concealer in light. Setting powder: Soap and glory Kickass. Bake under eyes and cheekbones with Laura mercier translucent powder. Contour: Nyx cosmetics contour palette. Use shade ‘sculpt’  and ‘toffee’ on the higher edges. Blush: Benefit cosmetics Dandelion.


Tarte cosmetics Tartelette Amazonian clay matte palette. Use shade ‘natural beauty’ in the crease. Use ‘supermom’ and ‘wanderer’ all over lids. Darken outer V with ‘force of nature’ and ‘multitasker’. Use ‘substitute for love’ from the Zoeva cosmetics Cocoa blend palette to add warmth to crease. Lighten brow bone with ‘supermom’.


Anastasia beverly hills Brow wiz in medium brown.


Huda beauty Samantha.


Essence cosmetics ‘Femme fatale’ lip liner filled with Mac cosmetics lipstick ‘Ruby woo’.


L’oreal cosmetics black gel liner



I hope you guys like this look! If you have suggestions for future looks please do not hesitate to recommend 🙂


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Face your fears!

Hello lovelies! How many of us have not taken a crucial step at least once in our lives because we feared the consequences? Most of us have been in a situation like that and later regretted why we didn’t listen to our instincts when the opportunity presented itself.

Fear is the biggest catalyst to anything in life. It can either push you to new heights should you face it or it can drown you in the depths of despair. We all fear failure and ridicule in our lives. Sadly we are programmed to believe that we cannot succeed, at least not easily which is what stops us from even trying most of the time.

Yes, there are those who get instant success but they also the ones who find it hard to maintain the success too. Majority of the people have to work hard to make a place for themselves. And there absolutely is a place for everybody’s success in this world. We all deserve success and happiness. Face your fears & aim bigger, higher & better!

In the end it will be totally worth it 😊



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Embrace the beauty that you are!

FullSizeRender 144

Hello lovelies!

Happy Wednesday! 😃 Hope everyone’s having a good week so far! We often compare our appearances to everyone else’s around us, especially those who are visually beautiful… But come to think of it, who decides what is beauty? Nobody. You decide your own definition. Don’t let anyone’s perception of beauty define yours. What is beautiful to you IS beautiful. It does not matter what other people think. You don’t have to be of a certain colour, size or shape to be considered beautiful.

We as women put a lot of pressure on ourselves to look & behave a certain way because that’s what we think is approved. All those unrealistic standards we follow are set by the fashion runways, magazines and celebrities we see on television, but they do not & cannot speak for the masses of people around the world who don’t belong to the glamour industry. We just allow them to influence us because we feel insecure in ourselves.

The real world is very different. Real women are very different. In the midst of all the media bombardment we are fed everyday, we forget who we are and that nobody can make us feel valued other than ourselves. Real beauty lies in owning your imperfections & flaunting them with pride..that sort of beauty oozes courage, confidence and a conviction that only comes from accepting who you really are. That confidence is not only super attractive but also so influential that it can give any celebrity a run for their money! <3



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My own very real GHOST story!!!

I was probably 13 when I encountered this mysterious being. I was studying for my elementary tests at night. I have a habit of cramming text book notes and I was busy memorising science facts and constantly looking up and down from my book. At one point I look up and notice a hazy look entity in the corner of my room. Discarding it as a fragment of my imagination I continue studying. I look up again and realise the entity is actually real and still standing there looking at me straight in the eye!! I saw it was an old man with a scar across his face and he was watching me. There was no expression on his face! I could see through him, I could see the wall behind him. I freaked out and jumped out my bed where I was studying and ran into my moms room. Gasping for air,  I told my mom in the middle of the night that I saw something very weird in my room. Obviously she got concerned and came to check and found no one there. I did not want to go to school the next day…or leave home or go anywhere where my mom wasn’t with me. Relatives and neighbours thought I was making up stories because I didn’t want to go to school and I suspect some of them even questioned my mental wellbeing but what I saw was very real!

I refused to go to school and within a week I fell ill with severe fever. I was bed ridden for 2 weeks which was worrying for my family. After that I fell ill with
Typhoid for another few weeks. My life was bound to hospital visits and a bed. My health had rapidly deteriorated out of nowhere. Those who didn’t believe me started to acknowledge that I just may have seen something unusual. It’s sad how people don’t believe you until something unfortunate happens…sigh.

I did recover finally and I did resume going back to school but it was really awkward at first. I was constantly afraid of when I’ll see him again. Thankfully he didn’t make an appearance again after that night and I carried on living my life normally. I had stopped using my room and 6 months had passed. Eventually I did finally manage to step inside my room again! I was scared yet determined to do it. I didn’t want to be scared anymore. It took me 6 months but I overcame the fear!

It’s been over 8 years since we moved home but that awful ghost experience is forever etched in my mind!!



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Aishwarya Rai inspired makeup!


Hello lovelies!

This look I was inspired by the gorgeous Bollywood actress Aishwarya Rai whom most of you might already know about. She has been an ambassador for L’Oréal and Longines watches for a long time and I simply love her. I admire her fashion sense and makeup style, especially when she’s addressing press! 😁




Here are the makeup deets for this look. I used the Huda beauty rose gold palette to achieve this look and most of you know how much I love that palette!


Foundation: Urban decay cosmetics All nighter 5.0 mixed with Makeup forever official HD foundation N127. Setting powder: Mac cosmetics Studio fix NC40. Bronzer: Natural collection cosmetics ‘Sun tint’. Contour: Nyx cosmetics ‘Taupe’ blush. Blush: Benefit cosmetics ‘Dandelion’. Highlighter: Charlotte Tilbury makeup Filmstar palette.


Huda beauty Rose Gold palette.Crease: ‘Flamingo’ & ‘Shy’. ‘Heena’ on inner & outer corners. Lid: ‘Sandalwood’. Centre lid: ‘Bae’ topped with ‘Moondust’. Outer corner V ‘Shy’ & ‘Bossy’ to darken. Eyeliner: Soap and glory Super cat. Mascara: Estee lauder  Sumptuous voluminous mascara.


Anastasia beverly hills Brow pencil in dark brown.


Huda beauty ‘Samantha’.


Huda beauty Liquid Matte in ‘Trendsetter’ & ‘Gossip girl’.





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