Embrace the beauty that you are!

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Hello lovelies!

Happy Wednesday! 😃 Hope everyone’s having a good week so far! We often compare our appearances to everyone else’s around us, especially those who are visually beautiful… But come to think of it, who decides what is beauty? Nobody. You decide your own definition. Don’t let anyone’s perception of beauty define yours. What is beautiful to you IS beautiful. It does not matter what other people think. You don’t have to be of a certain colour, size or shape to be considered beautiful.

We as women put a lot of pressure on ourselves to look & behave a certain way because that’s what we think is approved. All those unrealistic standards we follow are set by the fashion runways, magazines and celebrities we see on television, but they do not & cannot speak for the masses of people around the world who don’t belong to the glamour industry. We just allow them to influence us because we feel insecure in ourselves.

The real world is very different. Real women are very different. In the midst of all the media bombardment we are fed everyday, we forget who we are and that nobody can make us feel valued other than ourselves. Real beauty lies in owning your imperfections & flaunting them with pride..that sort of beauty oozes courage, confidence and a conviction that only comes from accepting who you really are. That confidence is not only super attractive but also so influential that it can give any celebrity a run for their money! <3



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  1. Brilliant post and so true. Us ladies definitely need to stop comparing against unrealistic standards. This has inspired me to be proud of my flaws even more now

    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my post beautiful! a=And your comment truly made my day :)) Don’t let anyone tell anything otherwise. Your flaws are your best assets! 😉 Xxx

    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my post and moreover commenting on it! Really made me happy! 🙂 XXX

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