Bonvita Style bracelets!

Hello lovelies!

Those of you who know me in person may recall me raving on & on about these stunning bracelets when I got them. I couldn’t stop going on about them! I absolutely love wearing them 😊 They’ve become a staple of my daily life. I get asked about them ALL the time!

I am still yet to discover the diamanté bracelets that they have added to their collection. Lovelies if you’re on the look out for gorgeous dainty bracelets like these then definitely do check out Bonvita style & the great range they hold! 👍🏼

For those who are unaware about Bonvita style, it is founded by the gorgeous youtuber Kaushal Beauty known as @kaushalbeauty o Instagram and her other half @vexking. They are the ultimate power couple who believe in spreading nothing but positivity & you can clearly see it reflected in all their accessories.

Now, lets talk about the quality; the quality of these bracelets is just amazing! They look like stylish and pretty high end. I have been wearing them daily for a while now and so far there have been no problems with it. No discolouration, no rusting and no scratches!

For those of you interested in buying these bracelets, they are 29.99 pounds each but Kaushal regularly posts discount codes on her Instagram which usually bring them down to 27 or less. They do sell out rather quickly so get your hands on them while you can! You can buy them from

They have bracelets in silver, rose gold and gold with various uplifting and inspirational taglines! Do check them out lovelies!

BV bracelets

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    1. I know right!:) I find them perfect accessories for daily wear, they go with absolutely everything. Thank you reading my post and commenting babe. You’re a doll! 🙂 x

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