Origins Active Charcoal Mask


Hello lovelies! Here’s the Origins Clear improvement active charcoal mask. I cannot recommend this mask enough. It’s really a God send! I have enlarged pores on my cheeks & chin. Girls who face similar problems know what a challenge it is to come across a product that really cleans out the pores to make your skin look poreless!

This baby will do just that. The dark grey gel like texture makes the application a breeze! It literally makes your skin look brighter, poreless and smooth without that dry tight feeling. I’m truly very impressed with this mask 😊👌🏼

Origins Charcoal mask


It’s a dark grey in colour and dries to a light grey and leaving dark spots or marks wherever you have dents or pores on your skin so you can actually see the size and number of your pores in all its glory! This retails in Sephora and the Origins website for $27 for a 100ml tube.

I apply this when I want to detox my face to a squeaky clean finish. I have been using this a lot lately because I have been applying a lot of makeup and you need to keep your skin clear of any trapped makeup from your pores. Hence adding this mask to my beauty regime has proved very helpful for my skin.

Have you used this mask? Please do let me know what you think of it. I would love to know your thoughts! 🙂 Xx

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Heavy Metal glitter eyeliner by Urban Decay

midnight cowboy

Hello lovelies! Here we have the Urban Decay Heavy Metal eyeliner in ‘Midnignt cowboy’. Urban Decay glitter eyeliners are my go to eyeliners for a glittery eye look, although I usually end up using gold & silver most of the time. You can pair it with loose glitter for that amped up shiny look or you can use it on it’s own over any eyeshadow. Best part is that it’s already got a gluey formula so you don’t need glue separately. They have a range of awesome colours. A must have in every makeup lovers kit! 👍🏼

Midnight Cowboy by Urban Decay's Heavy Metal glitter Liners


Who has the time to mix glue and glitter and apply it with a seperate taklon eye brush? It’s just too much work and fussy! I adore the fact that it has a liquid liner’s applicator. You can control how much glitter you actually want on your eyes without going overboard. The heavy metal range retails in Sephora  and the Urban Decay website for $20.

(P.S. Apologies, I haven’t had a chance to take a picture whenever I have used this liner on my eyes but I shall make it a point to insert one soon!)

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Samantha lashes by Huda Beauty

Samantha Lashes by Huda Beauty

Hey lovelies! I am so so excited about this post! These are my all time favourite faux lashes and they have never ever disappointed me. Like EVER. These can up your girly swag any day! 😎 In this pic I’m wearing the style ‘Samantha’ from Huda Beauty lashes. I absolutely love this style!! They look so natural & truly open up the eyes. They are also one of the easiest lashes I have applied till date & they fit my eyeshape perfectly without any trimmings. I highly recommend Huda Beauty lashes to everyone thinking of buying their first QUALITY lashes. Once you try these you won’t want to try any other brands.

FullSizeRender 151

These are so wispy and soft to touch. The thick lash band allows you easy application on the eyes plus the band also being thick allows the glue to disperse and dry evenly. I am so glad I discovered them. They retail for $20 in Sephora and the Huda beauty website. Do let me know what you think of them! I’d love to hear your thoughts 🙂 Xx

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Good girl by Carolina Herrera

Hey lovelies! Perfume alert 😃 I received Good girl by Carolina Herrera yesterday & I was floored when I opened the box! I will just start by saying that the packaging is uh-ma-zing!! Velvet box & a bottle that looks like a stylish stiletto! Like OMG…This bottle is TOTALLY vanity table worthy! The perfume combines the floral side of tuberose & jasmine the & musky side of tonka beans & cocoa. A perfect fragrance for the tamed with a wild side! 😉

Good Girl

Update: After having used this perfume a few times now, I find the smell of this baby  sweet and musky and I do notice that at certain times of the month the smell is over powering! So if this is common knowledge then I clearly have not been aware about this but hormones do play a part in how the perfume smells on your body. But the weird part is that I sense the difference only with this particular perfume and I use different fragrances  everyday. Overall I reach out for this one when I want to feel sexy and playful and maybe this could be a psychological thing because the bottle is so amazing! Plus the perfume’s caption is like every timid girl’s calling like myself!

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Blossom by Jimmy Choo

Jimmy Choo Blossom

Hello lovelies!! 😃 I’ve got something over here to amp up your Fri-day & night or any day for that matter depending on when you are reading this! Those who know me know that I’m a BIG sucker for fragrances! I hoard perfumes from like 10 years ago. So yes I love my smells is a bit of an understatement .

FullSizeRender 154

I picked this one up a couple years ago & I’m still so much in love with it. Jimmy Choo makes some the best fragrances & this one’s no different. This is the perfect summer smell which is floral, sweet & fresh at the same time, all without it being too overpowering. Raspberries, cherries, sandalwood & roses dominate this awesome fragrance. If you’re on the lookout for a summer perfume, do give this one a go! 😊

I tend to wear this when I am feeling girly and I need that feminine perk to my stride. It’s a very haunting fruity yummy smell. What I love about this perfume is that if you leave your hair loose the fragrance will seep through your hair and leave a beautiful fragrant mist. I discovered this because on two ocassions  when I wasn’t wearing the perfume, the smell was still lingering in my hair so significantly that my friends asked me what perfume I was wearing while I was wearing none on that day! Impressive longevity I must say.

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Daisy dream by Marc Jacobs!

Daisy dream


Hello lovelies! Fragrance alert! Those whom have tried Marc Jacobs perfumes will know about this one for sure! Daisy Dream happens to be one of the best sellers from the Marc Jacobs range. I absolutely love the fresh fruity-floral scent that this baby has! Reminds me of bouquets of fresh flowers during spring! 💐 If you love fruity floral scents then you will love this one! Marc Jacob perfumes also have the cutest packaging. I mean just look at the bottle! Isn’t it adorable? P.S. I actually bought it specially for that cutesie bottle 🙈😊

A walk in spring!
A walk in spring!

I tend to reach out for this one when I want to go for a brunch with my girls or I need some positive uplift for a meeting or interview. It just keeps me in a peppy frame of mind if that makes sense! It’s a very playful, young and fresh. So if you’re not into that sort of smells then you probably won’t like it too much. However, women of the younger generation will definitely like it!

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